Wild Duckz Briefly in English

In this page we’ll explain what we do briefly in English.




We have floorball teams for both children and adults.


For kids/youngsters, there are two options follow: either more competitive age group teams, or pure hobby teams.

Age group teams

Age group teams are more competition oriented and will play local tournament based series. Teams train 2-3 time per week.

Hobby Floorball

Players under 7 (U7) years (born 2016-2017) practice once a week more as a hobby team in guidance of coaches. For players over 7 years, IISI (EASY) floorball is our new concept, where children will play together in a non-competition oriented teams.



Women 1 (Naiset 1) is our ladies team, playing local hobby series. Team has trainings 2 time per week.
Women 2 (Naiset 2) is our ladies hobby team, playing mode is 3v3 and smaller playing field.


Men 1 (Miehet 1) is our SSBL 5th division team which will play also local hobby series Kiekko-Haukat league (KHL). Team has trainings 2 times a week.
Men 2 (Miehet 2) is hobby team playing as well as local hobby series KHL. Team has one training per week.
Men 3 (Miehet 3) is hobby team, playing one time in week against each other and not attending any series. Playing mode is 3 vs. 3 on a smaller playing field.




Our youngest players are just 3-5 years old and will attend a parent-child group called PerheZportti (Family Sports). This group has one event per week.